We provide one-stop sourcing solution for small business,
and are dedicated to helping you find suppliers with speed and ease.


You can focus on business. We will handle everything else.

  • A large pool of suppliers that have long term partnership with us across various industries;
  • A team of sourcing and trade experts continuously find and investigate new suppliers.
  • A comprehensive comparison of suppliers;
  • Negotiate the prices down for you;
  • Help communicate details for customized packaging and product.
Sampling & Inspection
Sampling & Inspection
  • Ship samples to you after inspection and approval;
  • Factory assessment and audit;
  • Quality control during production and before shipping.
  • Move goods between factories;
  • Arrange warehouse for your goods if necessary;
  • Arrange shipments.


  • 20 years of experience with good reputation
  • Easy and effective communications
  • Reliable and professional customer service
  • Expertise in sourcing niche products
I am satisfied with quality and quickness of delivery and price as well.Thank you very much for your time and very responsible and open attitude about trade. - Ladislav Duranka, Slovakia


We help your business to grow and expand.

How we work: 1. Product Sourcing & RFQ Process
1. Product Sourcing & RFQ Process
We handle this lengthy and painful process, so you don’t need to contact dozens of suppliers, who may not speak your language well.
How we work: 2. Negotiation & Quotation
2. Negotiation & Quotation
We help to negotiate the best price with right suppliers, so you won’t waste your money on high rates offered by trading companies.
How we work: 3. Quality Inspection Prior to Shipment
3. Quality Inspection Prior to Shipment
ChinaMarket enables quality control prior to shipment. No need to hire a quality inspection company, especially when order is small.
How we work: 4. Warehousing
4. Warehousing
Your goods may come from multiple manufacturers. We have a warehouse available to ensure the whole process runs smoothly.
How we work: 5. Shipping Arrangement
5. Shipping Arrangement
We make use of our shipping expertise and discounted shipping rates, and deliver by sea or by air (or UPS, DHL, FedEx) on request.
How we work: 6. After-sales Service
6. After-sales Service
We believe in creating value through procurement efforts. Our mission does not end when the transfer is made.


✓ You only need to deal with us
✓ No minimum order requirement
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