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Last modified: August 26, 2000
ChinaMarket.Com is the first customer-oriented business service company in China and was established on Jan. 1998. Our mission is to supply the business service to small and medium-sized  foreign companies who want to build business relationships with Chinese companies but don't have the capability  to setup a branch company in China or lack of communication skills with Chinese companies.With the help of ChinaMarket.Com, Doing business with Chinese companies will be as easy as doing business with your local companies.
It is well-known that China is the biggest market in the world. With the development of China economy, more and more Chinese manufacturers have been able to produce the high quality products yet at the low production cost. Businessmen found that this situation have given them the tremendous business opportunities to increase their margin. However, they found that they still need a well-trained business service company because of following reasons:
Most Chinese people can only speak Chinese ( Mandarin ) and do not speak English, and lots of Chinese people can only speak some kind of dialects ( like Cantonese, Shanghainese, etc. ), this situation has blocked foreigners to do business with Chinese companies but also may increase your profit if you can overcome the language difficulty with the help of expert company.
Currently, most businesses between Chinese companies and foreign companies are done through the Import and Export companies, however, due to the expectation of profit from Import and Export company is higher, doing business through Import and Export companies could  cut down your profit.
Most manufacturers and suppliers in China don't have the experience to do business with foreign companies directly because they are not allowed to do business directly with foreign companies according to the policy, and they also do not have the capability to communicate with foreign companies, nowadays, things have been partly changed and will be changed dramatically after the signing  of WTO agreement, they will be allowed to do business with foreign companies directly, but the language and experience problems still remain.