A New Strategy To Find The Best Dropshipping Products

Posted on May 05 2021

Today, we are going to talk about a new strategy that can help you to find the best dropshipping products.

There is actually no fixed method of choosing products specifically for Amazon, or Shopify, or dropshipping. In other words, a certain strategy can be applied not only on Amazon but may also on Shopify store.

My opinion is that as long as we could sell the products and earn good profits using that strategy, then it can be regarded as a good one for product selection - it’s actually the sole criterion for testing a strategy or a method.

In this article we begin exploring what are best sellers and their mutual features. Further down the page we discuss the ways to find them as well as some helpful tools.


01. Definition of Best Sellers / Hot Sale

This is not like the definition by Wikipedia, but a definition that could help you to understand more of the market. We need to know the real demands and interests of target audience.

For example, we can not jump to the conclusion saying that toothbrush is a hot sale product because people brush their teeth every day. What we need to take into serious consideration is the intensity of competition, and why customers should buy from us instead of the stores they used to place order?


1. Do not choose products that are easy to be found elsewhere

We first need to learn the product well and see if it can be bought in most stores or markets.
It should be special, at least to some extent, and shouldn’t be sold everywhere. This can encourage impulsive buying from consumers.


2. No restriction on advertising

Learning what are the restrictions on product selling online is important, and will ensure that your selection of products can be sold without any limitation on internet.
For  example, you can not possibly advertise tobacco, adult products, or masks on Facebook and Google. So what you need to do is to check in advance what restrictions Facebook and Google have for advertising these items, and to avoid troubles.


3. Is the product eye catching

If you have ever analyzed those hot sale products on social media, you may have noticed that most hot sales are very eye catching to their potential customers.
For example, this portable green backdrop can not only protect your privacy while working online from home during these covid days, but is also a perfect tool for easily switching between cool backgrounds on Zoom. It is indeed quite an interesting and eye catching product that catches the trend.



4. It should be able to solve certain problems

It could be any problem that may occur in customers’ work and private lives.
A good example would be a pet carrier that allows people to bring their pets with them on public transport, or a drink bottle that can keep record of  how much water you drink every day. 



5. It should be something SPECIAL

Special selections are highly recommended - in other words, fairly odd novelties.
For instance, a cat scratcher that looks like a human tongue. Don’t be afraid, that is truly something on Amazon, and is even tagged as “Amazon’s Choice”, which means it’s highly rated, well-priced, and also a best seller.



How to find them?

Having said all the above, where and how do you find them?
The key to build a store with top selling is to successfully find products that are popular and profitable at the moment.

First, create a list of hot selling products, then take all above mentioned points into consideration and get a short list. It’s not necessary that one should meet all the requirements, the more the better though. Rule #2 however, that there should be no restriction on selling or advertising on internet, needs to be met at anytime.

So, how could we create this list?


Method #1: take time to study Amazon’s “Best Seller“ lists

In the e-commerce world, Amazon is Google.
According to data by eMarketer, the kingdom of Jeff Bezos takes nearly 40% of America’s e-commerce business. So one should definitely start from this platform as a bellwether when looking at product trends.
Add “Amazon Best Sellers” to your bookmarks so that you could visit them anytime you want. The lists are based on sales volume and are updated every one hour. So what you get will be quite fresh.



Method #2: to study various categories

“Amazon Best Sellers” pages cover almost all categories that you could possibly think of.
If your store or website is devoted to beauty and personal care, and you are currently looking for new hot selling items in toiletries, the first thing you can do is to find the top100 list in that category. The next step is to select those that you are actually interested in, and find yourself the best suppliers ( contact us here ). 
Hair drying towel / hair towel wrap is at the 2nd in its category at the moment of writing this blog. You could see that on Aliexpress it only costs as low as $0.6 ( bulk order from China will be even cheaper), while on Amazon the prices are set to around $10.  Sell these to your store visitors and you will have money keep coming in. Now you only need a good marketing strategy and a slightly lower price than Amazon to start your journey of profitable business.






Method #3: with the help of Google Trends to gather more detailed data

You may have heard of Google Trends already, from where you can learn the most popular products being searched for. 
From the following screenshot, you could see that in the past 12 months there has been low and peak seasons of the given search term “hair towel wrap” entered into Google’s search engine. In most of the time it reached 100 or close to it.


So what does it mean? Google trends index its data to 100, where 100 is the maximum search interest for the time and location selected. So it is relative, not absolute. It indicates the searching frequency of a certain word, or in our case - a product. 


Method #4: the use of paid tools 

If budget allows then the use of paid tools can be a real booster.
Pexgle is a great toolkit to study your competitors. It can help you to check and monitor the best advertisements published by your competitors. It uncovers best winning products based on data from real visitors. 


You could also use Ad Library on Facebook. You won’t have all the data but products and competitors, and how they are doing their product marketing. 


There are many ways to get these data, and learning from searches on Facebook will be one. Let’s discuss some simple ways by following which you’ll get the information of the best new winning products.


Dropshipping Tools


1. Dropship Spy

Link: https://dropship-spy.com/
Dropship Spy can be used to learn the current hot selling or most potential products on Facebook / Instagram, including some keywords data.



2. Pexda

Link: https://pexda.com/
Pexda can help to collect data of facebook ads and their followers, thus to provide key elements for a more precise product positioning and market segment. 



3. NicheScraper

Link: https://nichescraper.com
I personally like this toolkit very much. Because it is not only a tool for dropshipping product selection but also a free video ad maker, that you can generate a video ad by simply pasting your product url there and selecting some options. Bang, a video ad of your own is out!



4. To look for winning products through videos in facebook ads

One method would be entering keywords like “50% off”, or “free shipping” in Facebook search box and then click on the “video” tag. Now you could browse the most updated dropshipping items and to consider them added to your own shop based on their data, reviews, and shares. If the video got its latest reviews in the past 5 or 7 days, then the market segment is not saturated yet and that you may consider to take further steps.




There may be hundreds of ways to find and decide what to sell in your dropshipping store, and the tools are always being updated as well. So we will be adding new ideas to it continuously. As long as you successfully find one winning product and start earning money from it, you will gain your own experience bit by bit during this process. Once you have decided on that, we could handle the sourcing part and all after that.