China’s Customs Statistics on Tea Export (January - July 2016)

Posted on September 13 2016

According to China’s customs statistics on tea export, from January to July 2016, China exports 187,000 tons and approximately $840 million worth of tea, with an average unit price of $4474 / ton, showing an increase of 7.27%, 16.12% and 8.25% respectively. 

The top five markets for tea exports are Morocco, Senegal, Uzbekistan, the United States and Russia.


tea types - China Green Tea

Green Tea:

Green tea still takes the biggest part, with the export of 155,000 tons (↑6.34%) and is worth $610 million (↑13.48%). The average unit price has increased by 6.72% comparing to the same period of last year and reaches $3945 / ton.




tea types - China Black Tea

Black Tea:

The export of black tea during these 7 months reaches a volume of 18,659 tons (↑17.59%) and amounts to about $140 million (↑54.55%). The average price is $7602 / ton, with an astonishing 31.43% increase over the previous year.






tea types - China Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

The export of Oolong tea also moves ahead to 8938 tons (↑13.65%). However despite of its substantial growth in export volume, the transactions were valued at only US$ 45.74 million - a weak growth of 0.65% from the prior year, leading to a negative growth of 11.44% in unit price and is $5117 / ton currently. 







tea types - China Flower Tea

Scented Tea / Flower Tea

Scented tea (or Flower Tea) export reaches 2976 tons, totaling some US $24.13 million. The average unit price is $8107 / ton. These data dropped respectively by 10.28%, 14.07% and 4.23%.





tea types - China Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea export reaches 1684 tons (↓4.27%), amounting to $ 14.56 million (↓15.99%) of trade, with an average unit price of $ 8646 / ton (↓12.25%).




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