10 Items That Will Sell Out Fast This Winter With Attractive Margins

Posted on September 12 2020

I believe people who are reading this article are smart businessmen/businesswomen who have a keen business sense already. You may have tried PPE products (masks, gloves, surgical gowns, pulse oximeters, infrared thermometers, etc.) earlier this year, but did not seize the opportunities and share a piece of cake before the PPE market gets too crowded, as it involves some medical qualifications, and the import policies are quite complicated and change fast. In addition, PPE suppliers are so sought-after this year that you need to accumulate relevant resources ahead of time, otherwise it is impossible to just step into this business and make big money.

And there was actually, after the month of April, a marked increase in demand for summer outdoor gears like camping tents and folding wagons. If you did not seize those either (as most of us were busy getting back to work and everything was in a mess), well then be sure not to miss the next wave anymore, because the following ideas may just boost some sales and make up for the missing profit of this particularly difficult year.



Sport is so important and indispensable in many people's lives and covid-19 took that away for months, therefore sporting goods and activewear are the first things that come up to our minds and we did some research.


Plastic Snow Sleds

Interest in "snow sleds" begins to rise every late September, and reaches its peak from mid December till early February the next year.

plastic snow sled 2020 trend_ChinaMarket


Amazon Plastic Snow Sleds 2 PACK_ChinaMarket

Most Amazon sellers set the price at around $25 or above per unit. Plastic snow sleds in 2-Pack or 3-Pack are also very popular among buyers with more than one kid in the house.

If sourcing from China, the average cost would be around $2.5-$3.5 (EXW) or less, depending on what level of quality and quantity requested. Here we only talk about qualified manufacturers.



Ski Helmets and Ski Goggles

Interest in "ski helmets" and "ski goggles" begins to rise every mid September, and reaches its peak from late November till mid February the next year. The two of them almost overlap with each other and the value of search popularity at their peaks are also at the same level.

ski helmets and goggles 2020 trends_ChinaMarket 

Unlike snow sled whose cost has almost no space for adjustment, ski helmets and goggles involve more technology and safety concerns. Thus the prices of ski helmet vary from around 30 bucks to as high as over 200 bucks; and ski goggles usually from around 10 bucks to a few dozen bucks, with exceptionally professional and high-end types to be from one to two hundred bucks.



Interest in "snowboard" begins to rise every mid September, and reaches its peak in December and January. It is more popular in Canada and North Europe than it is in United States.

snowboard 2020 winter trend Burton


Snowboard Boots

Interest in "snowboard boots" begins to rise every September, and reaches its peak at the time of New Year. 

snowboard boots 2020 trend ChinaMarket

On Amazon the prices for snowboard boots are between $100 and a little above $200 per pair. 

If sourcing from China, the cost would be on average $40-$60 (EXW) or less with guaranteed durability and BOA fit system.





Fishing Equipment (Especially Ice Fishing Supplies)

Interest in "fishing equipment" does not show distinct peaks and valleys within a year or over years. However, data shows an approaching rise of interest in the following couple of weeks. The trend is accurate for most of time according to our experience. This may also due to the covid-19 outbreak and now people just can't wait to go out and have fun.

Fishing Equipment 2020 Trend ChinaMarketThere is a city in north China called Weihai (not Wuhan), which is famous for its manufacture of fishing equipment and fishing tackle. Loads of types of cost-effective fishing equipments can be found there if you know how.








Competition is always steep in apparel business. Finding a niche market and building your own niche brand are key to success in this field. The following contents are merely our suggestions of what will be popular to sell in coming months. You will still need to think further about how you could make your brand special and successful.


Wool Coats & Trench Coats (Men's and Women's)

The BLUE one is for trench coat and the RED one is for wool coat. Both of them receive similar level of attention at their peaks, while the peak of "trench coat" lasts longer (from every autumn to the spring next year), while wool coat only sells well from November and lasts about two months. Both of them already showed an upward trend for this year, as you could probably see at the very end of the chart.

Trench Coat and Wool Coat Trends 2020

Prices for trench coats on Amazon range from around $50 to $100. To purchase in bulk from China, the cost will be around $20 give or take.






Wool Socks

Interest in "wool socks" begins to rise in October, and there is a spike in search popularity every year around mid-December before holidays.

wool socks 2020 trend

Average price for one pair of wool socks on Amazon reaches $5-$6, and are usually sold in 3 to 5 pairs per pack.

If sourcing from China, the EXW price will be about 1/6 of the price on Amazon with equivalent quality.






When we talk about boots, we talk about a vast range of types and designs of boots, including work boot, hiking boot, tactical boot, and fashion boot (knee high boot, ankle boot, snow boot...)  etc. Anyway, the trend report for the keyword "boots" in general shows as below. Interest begins to rise in late summer, and reaches its peak in November every time.


Scarves (Men's and Women's)

Interest in "scarves" begins to rise in autumn, and reaches its peak in early December before holidays. 

There is also a moderate increase of interest this year between March and July. We guess that it is because some people may want to use scarves as masks.

scarves trend 2020 autumn winter


Let's take an interesting example - Harry Potter Gryffindor Patch Knit Scarf.

The cost of bulk purchasing excluding all shipping charge and duty fees is between $2.5 and $3.5, whereas, you get to sell them on Amazon for $25 per piece.







We see a sudden decline of interest in "suitcase" throughout March this year, no doubt due to the pandemic and lockdown in many parts of the world. But from April on, its search popularity began to catch up and even had a small spike in June. The overall trend is also on the rise now, due to lift of lockdown and people gradually resuming their business and trips. 


That’s it for today. In next blog we will share Part II of what to sell this autumn and winter season:

  • Thanksgiving and Christmas-themed homeware items 
  • Craft equipment
  • Health and beauty


All these you can buy from alibaba but don't go for trading companies if you want to cut the cost. Try to contact real manufacturers and have a more efficient and smooth way of communication with them, especially if you are customizing your own brand and packaging. However, if you have zero experience importing from China, then a trading company or a sourcing agent might be as well a good option for you.

You could of course contact us. Sourcing of niche products and Amazon FBA supply are our expertise. Till date, we have successfully partnered with hundreds of customers from all across the globe, who are satisfied with our quality of service, quickness of delivery, and open attitude about trade.

Send us a sourcing request and get free quote if you would like to source similar or other products. We are looking forward to having business with you. We shall work resourcefully and dedicated to helping you find suppliers with speed and ease.